Mansory's Marlin Jet 400: Redefining Watercraft with Speed and Luxury

The Marlin Jet 400 by Mansory is a bespoke watercraft built upon the foundation of the Seadoo GTX 300. This exceptional creation flawlessly combines speed and lavishness. It is designed with meticulous care and features a lightweight carbon fiber hull, enabling a virtually effortless glide and reaching an impressive top speed of 82 MPH. You'll find comfort in the water-resistant, quilted leather seat adorned with a matching logo and intricate stitching. Engineered with precision, the Marlin Jet 400 includes an adjustable trim system for precise control and a built-in USB charging port for your convenience. This jetski reimagines luxury on the water, promising a distinctive and exhilarating aquatic journey. But act fast – only 25 of these exclusive units will be produced.

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