Kawasaki JET SKI® SX-R™ 160

When it comes to watercrafts, few can match the reputation of Kawasaki - a name synonymous with Jet Skis and wave runners. You'll be pleased to know that the Kawasaki JET SKI® SX-R™ 160 is no exception to the Kawasaki legacy. The Jet Ski® SX-RTM personal watercraft offers strong thrust and nimble rider-active handling from the V-shape hull and ample low-to-mid-range torque from its 1,498cc 4-stroke engine whether used for recreational weekend use or competitive racing. Amazing acceleration and excellent cornering abilities deliver thrills, comfort, and confidence. Put your belongings in the small-item storage space under the handle pole. Quick removal of bilge drain plugs in the hull allows for simple draining after usage. A key-operated magnetic ignition switch helps prevent theft while providing convenient, low gasoline and engine warning LEDs on the handle pole pad. In short, this Jet Ski has everything you need!

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