Sail Smarter: The F101 Trimaran Redefines Foiling for All Skill Levels

The F101 is an advanced foiling trimaran that brings a fresh approach to sailing with its smart and efficient design. This all-carbon vessel, weighing just 75 kg, features a main hull, foils, floats, and beams for lightweight durability. Stretching 5.4 meters with a 2.55-meter beam, it sports a sail area of 14.5 square meters, suitable for sailors weighing between 60 to 150 kg. The F101 can launch into a foil at wind speeds as low as 7 knots and reach speeds up to 25 knots. It includes retractable foils for shallow water launches and a quickly adjustable mainsail, enhancing safety and convenience near shores. The tri-hull design makes it almost impossible to capsize, ideal for beginners, and maintains stability even when not foiling. It also features a furling downwind sail for extra power in light winds, ensuring a safe return if winds diminish. The F101's design supports quick recovery onto the foils if it tips, providing an easy and thrilling sailing experience for novices and seasoned sailors alike.

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