The Supermarine is a two-seater submersible powered by an electric motor with extreme performance. The Bouvet Supermarine MM01 is one of the most luxurious ocean vessels, claiming to be the world's first hyper-jet. With a 300 horsepower motor and a top speed of 75 miles per hour, the all-electric jet ski has an unmatched capability. Its futuristic silhouette was developed in partnership with aerospace engineers and is handcrafted from lightweight Kevlar carbon, taking 500 hours to construct each unit. The streamlined form of the watercraft not only improves aerodynamics but also shields riders from incoming waves. It has titanium handlebars and a cutting-edge navigation system, as well as a champagne holder beneath the saddle. Beginning in early 2024, the Supermarine MM01 will be available in limited quantities in Mother of Pearl and Black.

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