The Super Sub is the most hydrodynamic sub on the market, with a long tail and innovative wing design. A best-in-class propulsion system with four strong thrusters produces 60 kW, allowing severe 30-degree climbs and dives. The result is the smoothest and most thrilling underwater experience possible, with the ability to dive to depths of 300 meters while keeping a nearly 360-degree view. Underwater, the Super Sub can reach speeds of up to 8 knots. That's 1-2 knots quicker than a bottlenose dolphin's top cruising speed and 5 knots faster than the typical submersible. One of U-Boat Worx's design focuses has always been the clearest perspective in order to get the most out of the underwater world. The incredibly clear acrylic pressure hull has been placed at the front of the submersible to achieve this, allowing an unobstructed vision in every direction, free of ballast tanks, batteries, and other components.

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