Eco-Friendly Seas: Introducing the Phantom, the Recyclable Boat

Vision Marine Technologies proudly presents the Phantom, a groundbreaking step towards sustainable boating, being the first fully recyclable boat in the industry. Constructed from polyethylene plastic, the Phantom sets an eco-friendly standard, boasting the potential to be recycled up to nine times without losing its integrity. This 16'6" boat, with a capacity for 10 passengers, combines environmental responsibility with performance, supporting up to 50 HP propulsion for a smooth and efficient ride. The Phantom is not just durable but also offers a lifetime warranty on its hull, promising endless adventures on the water. Its design prioritizes ease of use and flexibility, featuring a unique compartment for customizable propulsion options, ensuring that the boat meets every owner's specific requirements. Despite its robust build, it remains lightweight for easy transportation and is designed to be unsinkable, providing peace of mind during your water escapades. Available in a variety of eye-catching colors, the Phantom allows you to express your style while making an environmentally conscious choice. Whether for leisure or adventure, the Phantom by Vision Marine Technologies redefines boating with its innovative, eco-friendly approach and adaptable design.

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