Aquarama Special Sunglasses

Completely handmade in Italy, the Aquarama Special Sunglasses combine top-quality components with fine craftsmanship to ensure the utmost style. This unique and exclusive accessory pays homage to the legends of the nautical world. Available in both white and black, these shades are trimmed with aquamarine accents. They also come in two different sizes to give the wearer options when determining their style. Movitra takes sources their design from fables of the sea. The company’s unique patent protects lenses from scratches and knocks – so you never have to worry about taking these on all of your adventures. With unmistakable style, innovation, and practical design, it is no wonder these glasses have already won many awards. The Aquarama Special Sunglasses are available exclusively through Riva dealers and Riva’s online store. Their online boutique offers other luxury pieces, including home décor, collectibles, accessories, and high-tech items.

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