Syroco's "Moonshot I" is Foiling Kite-powered Sailing craft

Syroco, which was founded by a world-record-holding kitesurfer and a tech veteran, claims that its boat, Moonshot I, will break the 80-knot barrier, or just a hair over 92 mph, in the coming year - a truly incredible speed for a marine vessel. Moonshot I, a strange combination of foil, kite, and a 20-foot-long pod that holds two people, was designed by Caizergues and his partner, Yves de Montcheuil, with the help of a team of sailors, naval architects, and even helicopter professionals. Moonshot I really flies its pod several feet above the water's surface, utilizing foils to keep it afloat and kites to propel it forward. The pod's pilots will have to keep a tight grip on the kite and foil in order to avoid dangerously fast crashes. The company is working on foils that employ super-cavitation, a frictionless cavitation technique used by torpedoes as well as some propellers. It also intends to use that technology for commercial shipping in addition to sailing - increasing efficiency while lowering the overall carbon footprint.

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