Tarform Raye: The Electric Jet Ski Designed to Mimic the Graceful Movements of the Manta Ray

Designed to emulate the fluid movements of the manta ray in water, the Tarform Raye is an electric jet ski that aims to replicate the feeling of riding an electric motorcycle on water. The lightweight watercraft boasts modular technology, sensor technology, machine learning, and over-the-air updates, ensuring a smooth and connected ride. With an electric waterjet propulsion system, the Tarform Raye offers prompt acceleration and instant torque, reaching a target top speed of approximately 50mph. The model will be available in two configurations with power output varying between 70-120hp and a range of 1-2 hours. The bodywork options comprise recycled carbon fiber or Tarform's own plant-based composite. While the Tarform Raye is currently in the conceptual and design stage, with all visuals and specs still liable to change, the starting price for a bespoke model with personalized touches is expected to be around $68,000.

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