Swimsight is a head-mounted computer vision system enabling the visually impaired to train independently. The system uses computer vision to track lane markings, calculate the user’s position, trajectory as well as proximity to the wall. Corrections are then fed back to the user via an intuitive haptic navigation system. If the swimmer drifts off course or reaches the end of the lane, haptic motors activate alerting them when they need to take action.

The product design started with end-user research and interviews to identify the problem and explore potential solutions. Prototyping was used to test the solution and establish the proof of the concept. After the electronics were resolved, it was necessary to design an ergonomic housing to ensure easy mounting and convenience in the water. The product is currently under testing in a pool phase, that has been suspended due to the lockdown. Once all testings are completed, the next step will be to seek funding in order to bring the device to market.

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