Solo SF150 - your personal waterskiing machine

Meet SF 150 "SOLO"- the most exciting personal watercraft on the planet. This is the perfect self-service solution for no-show drivers. With SOLO you have now the option to be the driver, spotter, and skier at the same time. Created by water skiers – for water skiers, Solo will meet and exceed your expectations. This machine is safe, high-performance, and easy to use. The SF-150 is the wireless version that allows you to use your favorite off-the-shelf handle and tow rope.

A "clamshell" with the controls clamps on to the center of your favorite handle and communicates to a small de­vice embedded in our custom life vest/personal flotation device. The device communicates to the boat wirelessly. A big new feature is the MEMS technology that will keep the boat tracking on a straight course, no matter how hard you pull when cutting.

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