Moi Mambo - 3D printed fiberglass boat

Visitors of this year's Italian Genoa Boat Show were able to see a quite unusual small motorboat worthy of attention not only for its striking exterior but also for its special production technology. The 6.5-meter fiberglass Mambo, whose body is 2.5 meters wide and weighs just 800 kg, is fully 3D printed. The boat's unusual hull was inspired by famous powerboat designer Renato "Sonny" Levi and resembles an inverted tricycle Arcidiavolo from the '70s. Moi Composites is the company behind this unique new technology and the boat's name Mambo is actually an abbreviation from Motor Additive Manufacturing Boat. The advantages of the CFM (Continuous Fiber Composite Printing) technology that Mambo is used for is, first of all, that no matrix is ​​required to create a boat and because of that, some unique shapes can be created which is impossible to achieve with all other conventional methods.

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