In The Market For An Armored Submarine? Then, It Is Time To Check Out Highland’s Kronos

Straight from the United Arab Emirates comes the Highland Kronos Armored Submarine, and like everything else built in the UAE - it does not disappoint. The only thing more interesting than its armored exterior is the luxurious interiors that will surely make you forget you are traveling inside a capsule under the ocean waves. The submarine holds up to ten people, plus the operator. Its hybrid powertrain generates up to 1,200 horsepower, making it possible to move at 50 mph on top of the water and over 30 mph underneath the waves. It’s powered electrically by an onboard battery that provides up to 36 hours of power, but operators can also use the diesel engine to add another 18 hours to their trip. There is no telling when Highland will release the Armored Submarine or what the intended use is, but this watercraft is in development and may be hitting the market sooner rather than later!

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