What's better than a luxury sports car that you can drive through some of the most beautiful water in the world? We can't think of anything. Boat enthusiasts can now operate the sleek four-wheeled day boats that Waterlink has begun to construct. In Dubai, renting an amphibious vehicle runs about $700 per hour, while the cost to buy one can reach up to $50,000. The ship's sporty and svelte design is reminiscent of the popular muscle cars in America. Like a jet ski, it lacks brakes but has other features, including a steering wheel, gas pedal, and gear selector. The lights and windshield wipers are controlled by a series of switches on the central console in the cockpit. On the dashboard, there is a tiny GPS screen as well. Riders enjoy a dry ride thanks to the windscreen and high sides of the ship.

Video: YouTube/Supercar Blondie

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