A Versatile and Elegant Beach Look For The Ladies

Keeping your cool while soaking up the sun at the beach requires the perfect style companions. Everything from your beach towel to your water bottle makes a statement - here is how you can make the right one!

  • Crawl bustier swimsuit from ERES - available in ocean blue, this once piece is perfect for lounging around while you try to get a tan or enjoying water sports at your favorite beach spot.
  • Glitter Lettering Logo Pool Slides from Moschino - you can enjoy all of your favorite summer activities without your favorite pair of versatile slides. Keep these close for everything from the beach to the boardwalk.
  • Striped Starfish Printed Beach Towel from NAUTICA - this starfish designed beach towel is the perfect companion for your beach day. This large, plush towel will keep you dry and far from the sand.

  • Aquarama Special Sunglasses from Riva - Aquarama’s sunglasses are handmade in Italy and will make you feel like you are sunbathing off the coast of Capri while keeping your eyes safe from the sun.

  • Cocò Dentelle Hat from 100%Capri - nothing looks more elegant on the beach than an effortlessly stylish hat. These cream-colored straw hat is sure to match all of your favorite beach outfits.
  • Ocean Bottle - with the strong summer sun shining on you, you need to stay hydrated. This sky-blue water bottle is specifically designed to keep your beverages at the right temperature.

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