The Waterdream Venetian Tender

Pulling inspiration from the world-famous water taxis of Venice, the Waterdream Venetian Tender takes luxury transport to a whole new level. With a lavish layout, opulent upholstery, and hydraulically powered roof, this vessel makes indulgent sea transport a welcomed reality. Fully electric and handmade in Holland, the unique interpretation of Venetian water taxis brings a modern twist and elegant sophistication to a cultural staple. Ensuring that guests are treated to a top-quality experience, each vessel comes equipped with a fridge, mini-bar, toilet, and full indoor standing room. The Waterdream Venetian Tender is perfect for groups and individuals looking for privates transfers or even mini cruises during a vacation. This versatile and high-functioning water taxi makes luxury transport within cities, rides to the airport, sight-seeing, and VIP hotel transfers a breeze. The Waterdream Venetian Tender operates much less like your typical watercraft and much more like a luxury limousine for VIP clients and travelers.

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