Sunreef 35M Eco: Pioneering Sustainability in the Luxury Yachting World

Leading the way in sustainable luxury yachting, Sunreef Yachts introduces the Sunreef 35M Eco, a cutting-edge sailing catamaran engineered for zero emissions and ultra-quiet operations. This eco-friendly superyacht combines luxurious comfort with advanced green technologies, including custom-made batteries and solar panels seamlessly integrated into the hull and superstructure. Its full-beam owner’s suite, situated at the bow, offers expansive views and exclusive access to the front terrace, enhancing the connection with the sea. The Sunreef 35M Eco is not just about sustainable sailing; it's about spacious living too. Its wide beam creates vast interior spaces that are both luxurious and customizable, catering to every guest's needs. On deck, the flybridge isn't just spacious—it’s an oasis, featuring a plunge pool and drinks bar for ultimate relaxation and entertainment. The Ocean Lounge provides easy access to an assortment of water toys and a discreetly designed garage for adventure equipment.

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