The octopus is the most bizarre, alien-like species on Earth. An octopus has about 40 million receptors throughout its body, most located at the edges of its suction cups. Octopuses are extremely intelligent, cunning, even able to use tools, very good at camouflage, but also quite vindictive. Each of their tentacles seems to have its mind and consciousness and can do its own things relatively independently under the command of the nervous system. With its unique appearance, the octopus has leaped to become the most famous ancient creature in Cthulhu mythology. It has evolved into an impressive cultural symbol.

COPPERTIST.WU used the other-worldly tentacles of this magnificent creature as inspiration for their product. After hundreds of adjustments, they developed the final prototype of this highly creative silver tentacle ring. Each suction cup on the ring is hand-engraved by COPPERTIST.WU expert staff, and every detail reflects that unique handmade charm. This ring will bring a sense of nautical whimsy to your daily wear!

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