Little Silver Sweet Treats

There is something special about nautically-inspired pieces crafted in silver. Few other materials can capture the detail and depth of the ocean. Brighten up the more mundane activities throughout your day with the angelfish silver letter opener. This distinctive piece is inspired by the beautiful tropical reef fish. Rip through your most stubborn boxes with the Arowana box opener - it’s as unique as the fish that inspired it! If you prefer to wear your favorite sea-inspired, the collection’s Silver Octopus Infiinity Pendant celebrates one of the sea’s most famous creatures. And the perfect companion for the Octopus Inifinity Pendant is the Octopus Tentacles Ring in silver - find yourself getting lost as you try to follow the intricate design around your finger. The pufferfish is one of the most recognizable fish in the ocean. This pufferfish-inspired bell acts as a delightful reminder to think about the sea from time to time.