SH Diana: Where Unforgettable Memories and Unparalleled Luxury Await

Introducing SH Diana, the newest addition to Swan Hellenic's fleet, arriving in early 2023. This magnificent ship offers elegant and spacious 5-star accommodation for 192 guests in 96 staterooms and suites, most with large balconies. With a dedicated onboard team of 140, SH Diana takes you back to the Mediterranean's famous ancient sites, offering immersive cultural expedition cruises. Named after the Roman goddess of light and the wilderness, SH Diana is designed for worldwide cruising, exploring the most inspiring and remote places on Earth. With exceptional amenities like a Card Room, Private Dining Room, and comfortable tenders for landings, every detail has been considered for your comfort and enjoyment. The ship's Polar Class 6 ice-strengthened hull and large stabilizers ensure a smooth and safe journey. The ship incorporates cutting-edge hygiene technology, including UV sanitization systems, for a safe and healthy environment. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure aboard SH Diana as you embark on an exploration of hidden wonders and untamed beauty. Experience the world's most extraordinary destinations with the utmost luxury and care.

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