Savor the Slow Life at Bom Bom Beach Resort, Príncipe

Get ready for the grand reopening of Bom Bom Beach Resort on Príncipe Island this September 2024, where you can kick back, relax, and let the gentle waves of the Gulf of Guinea wash over you. Nestled between lush greenery and pristine shores, Bom Bom Beach Resort's 17 bungalows offer a slice of paradise on Príncipe Island. Here, the essence of island life is about taking it slow: sunbathing on tranquil beaches, snorkeling in the clear Gulf of Guinea, or dining on delicious local dishes at the beachside restaurant. Bom Bom is more than just a place to stay; it's your base for exploring Príncipe's rich natural wonders. Here, it's all about mixing chill vibes with a dash of adventure to make sure your stay is packed with unforgettable experiences and warm welcomes. At Bom Bom, every detail is carefully crafted to offer an idyllic retreat in harmony with nature.

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