Sunrise to Sunset: Retreat into the Heart of Nature at Sundy Praia Principe Island

At Sundy Praia Principe Island, each day starts with the gentle kiss of sunrise and ends with the rhythmic serenade of ocean waves guiding you into a peaceful slumber. This eco-friendly lodge provides an exceptional retreat where the lush rainforest converges with the sparkling ocean. Each of the 15 tented villas offers a harmonious combination of natural aesthetics and comfort, featuring expansive living spaces and private terraces. Plunge into relaxation at the infinity pool, rejuvenate at the wellness center, or unwind on exclusive sandy beaches. Culinary delights await at OKA Sundy Restaurant, where international chefs create seasonal dishes with Príncipe's rich harvest, offering dining experiences under the bamboo-and-thatch roof or beneath the starlit sky. Sundy Praia provides an enchanting opportunity to become part of a vibrant ecosystem, previously central to a large cocoa farm. Here, the vibrant chatter of birds, playful monkeys, serene nesting turtles, and the grandeur of humpback whales create a symphony of wildlife, inviting you to become one with nature.

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