Post Ranch Inn: A Serene Coastal Haven of Luxury and Romance

Perched high atop the cliffs of Big Sur, prepare to be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring views and a sense of serenity that touches your very soul. Throughout your stay, immerse yourself in revitalizing spa experiences, engage in serene wellness pursuits, and relish moments of uninterrupted introspection while absorbing the captivating allure of the California coastline. The enduring legacy of the Post family, custodians of this land for generations, infuses the contemporary haven with a touch of historical allure. This retreat, nestled 1200 feet above the Pacific Ocean along the renowned California Highway 1, presents a picturesque haven for those in search of romance, solace, or rejuvenation. The architectural fusion with the coastal panorama, the harmonious blend of rustic coziness and refined sophistication across 40 rooms and private residences, collectively foster an ambiance conducive to forging meaningful bonds and treasured recollections. The Sierra Mar restaurant, nestled against the remarkable backdrop, serves up not only exquisite dishes but also panoramic views, transforming every morsel into a visual and culinary delight.

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