Family Fun and Surfing Sun at The Gilded Iguana's Surf Club

Ride the waves of excitement at The Surf Club at The Gilded Iguana, Nosara’s premier destination for surfing enthusiasts. Located a mere 200 meters from the famous Playa Guiones, this iconic surf hotel has been the heart of the surfing community for over four decades. The Surf Club is more than just lessons; it's an all-encompassing experience with locker facilities, towels, and direct access to one of the world's most reliable beach breaks. It's a place for everyone, from beginners to pros, with a 7km beach stretch ready for adventure. Families can revel in fun activities like ping pong and cross-stepping lessons on longboards, while choosing from a vast range of boards for all skill levels. This welcoming surf school promises unforgettable family bonding, guided by local, seasoned instructors and complemented by a personal board caddy service for a hassle-free experience.

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