Parody Disney Posters

Launched in 2019, the ‘future landfill‘ project is aimed to fight back against the Australian supermarket chains (namely woolworths and coles) who are using small plastic toys to promote and sell their products. Those that end up breaking down in Australia's litter stream will be added to the 14 million tonnes of microplastic that according to CSIRO is already sitting on their ocean's floor. To showcase the long-term environmental impact of these short-term promotions, the project owners have taken classic Disney movie posters and reinterpreted them with these little plastic toys in the leading roles. Finding Nemo is rebranded as choking Nemo. Toy story is Destroy Story. Lady and the Tramp is landfill and the trash and finally, Frozen is cheekily reimagined as f***ed.

The project goal is to encourage Australians to go to and sign the petition started by youtube star, Natalie Tran, that is calling on woolworths to end their ooshies promotional campaigns. If you think the same and want to support this initiative, you can also share the images from their website on your socials with the hashtag #futurelandfill.

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