From Ocean Depths to Designer Lights: Discover the Coastal Breeze Collection

What if you could light up your home with the ocean's whisper? The Philips MyCreation Coastal Breeze collection designed by the Signify turns this dream into reality, weaving sustainability with elegance. This unique collection, born from the forgotten fishing nets of Cornwall's harbors, showcases how sustainability can blend seamlessly with elegance. Each pendant in the Coastal Breeze line is a testament to the beauty of recycling, transforming 100% recyclable materials into captivating light fixtures. Their signature blue-green hue mirrors the ocean's vast palette, casting a unique glow that evokes coastal tranquility. But it's not just about the aesthetic; it's a choice that helps clear our oceans, repurposing waste into something both beautiful and meaningful. The journey from net to lamp involves meticulous processes of sorting, cleaning, and recycling, paying homage to the material's origins and the landscapes it once traversed. So, why not let a piece of the ocean's majesty light up your space? With the Coastal Breeze collection, you're not just choosing a lamp; you're embracing a story of hope, transformation, and the gentle call of the coast.

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