Start your aquatic adventure with the 2019 Looker 370, a marvel in the world of glass bottom boats, brought to you by the esteemed PARITETBOAT with their 20 years of unparalleled boat-building expertise. This model stands out in the Looker series, combining the elegant aesthetics of its larger sibling, the Looker 440GB, with unparalleled seaworthiness and comfort.

Looker 370: Elegance Meets Efficiency

The Looker 370 redefines efficiency without compromising on style or functionality. Designed to captivate with its sleek lines and modern design, it offers an impressive passenger capacity, ensuring that every voyage is both comfortable and memorable. The boat is engineered for optimal performance, with propulsion options that include dual outboard engines or a singular inboard diesel engine, catering to a variety of maritime needs.

Looker 370: Cost-Effective without Compromise

Opt for the Looker 370 for a glass-bottom boat experience that balances speed, capacity, and cost-effectiveness. It's the perfect choice for those who seek to unveil the mysteries of the underwater world without sacrificing performance or breaking the bank. Whether it's for leisure, educational, or commercial use, the Looker 370 is set to revolutionize your sea explorations.

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