Introducing the World's Fastest RIB: The c'est normal 52R Hybrid

The c'est normal: World's Fastest RIB Boat

The C'est Normal 52R Hybrid stands as a testament to groundbreaking engineering, claiming the title of the world's fastest RIB boat with a staggering velocity of 104.2 knots. This marvel of modern yacht design combines the raw power of twin 1550hp Mercury Racing engines with the sustainability of electric hybrid engines, setting a new benchmark in the realm of high-speed maritime travel.

The c'est normal: A Fusion of Speed and Sustainability

At the heart of the c'est normal boat's unmatched performance are its formidable Mercury Racing engines, renowned for their speed. Complementing this raw power, the boat's electric hybrid engines offer a greener cruising option, embodying the c'est normal ethos of blending performance with environmental consciousness.

Luxurious Comfort Meets High-Octane Thrills

The interior of the c'est normal 52R Hybrid is a sanctuary of luxury, featuring a cozy cabin equipped with a double berth for restful slumbers. The cabin boasts bespoke amenities such as a custom forged carbon sink, an elegant toilet, and a coffee maker for your morning brews. The cockpit is a haven for adrenaline enthusiasts, with four full forged carbon racing seats, ensuring every journey is felt in the lap of luxury.

The c'est normal Boat: Cutting-Edge Technology for a Superior Experience

The c'est normal boat is not only about speed but also about embracing the latest in marine technology. It features the Raymarine Quantum Doppler Radar for unparalleled navigation, the FLIR M-300 multispectral marine camera for comprehensive surveillance, and Lopolight Navigation lights for optimal visibility. These advanced tech specs ensure a safe, enjoyable, and efficient voyage across the seas.

An Exclusive Invitation to Maritime Excellence

With a price tag of 3,000,000€ EU VAT PAYABLE, the c'est normal 52R Hybrid is more than a vessel; it's an exclusive entry into the world of maritime excellence. This fastest pontoon boat is not just a means of transportation but a statement of luxury, speed, and environmental responsibility.

Embark on a journey where speed meets sophistication aboard the c'est normal 52R Hybrid, and experience the pinnacle of nautical engineering and luxury.

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