Nautical-inspired look with Slam, Marina Militare Sportswear and Kiel James Patrick

While summer is in a full swing, it’s time to enjoy it in the nautical style. Everything about this look says “nautical”: bold and bright colors, striped motif, and anchor symbols. Simple, clean, fresh, comfy, and elegant, this maritime-inspired outfit is a great addition to your summer collection.

About the look

Slam crewneck sweater in crepe complemented by lightweight five-pocket trousers in satin-finished stretch cotton gives you a truly nautical feel and comfort.

Win-D sailing shoes with no-marking sole are perfect for a day of sailing. They will let you move comfortably from the boat to the beach, protecting your foot from jagged surfaces like reefs.

Marina Militare Sportswear Bag from faux leather is classy, practical and trendy. A distinguished red color perfectly complements the whole look.

A handcrafted anchor bracelet “The American Sailor” from Kiel James Patrick is a perfect casual nautical jewelry and classic sailor staple.

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