Meet the SP80, a Sleek New Boat

The new SP80 has been designed to break the world speed sailing record in 2022 – here is what you need to know about this brand-new vessel! This 23-foot sailboat is being touted as the Formula 1 car of the high seas! First unveiled as a concept in 2019, the SP80 is designed to reach a top speed of 80 knots. As the team has just begun its work on the boat in an Italian shipyard, world-famous Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille has come aboard as a major partner. Its beam reaches just over 19 feet and weighs 330 pounds. One of the most notable features of the boat is its hull, which is forged from Carbon TPT. This kind of carbon is notable stronger and lighter than its predecessors. Due to hit the water next summer, this revolutionary sailboat already has a captain that is sure to break records with the SP80.

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