Light Soy Glass Table Lamp Inspired By The Iconic Sushi Soy Fish

Light Soy Table Lamp designed after the iconic fish-shaped soy sauce bottle found in sushi shops around the world acts as a cheerful lamp highlighting the issues related to single-use plastic and its impact on the environment. Made from premium materials chosen for durability, sustainability, and recyclability, this product is meant “to be treasured, not trashed”.

The Light Soy is made of hand-blown lab-quality glass and powder-coated aluminum etched to create a soft frosted finish. It is paired with an energy-efficient dimmable LED and USB-C rechargeable battery and aluminum base. The packaging is also completely plastic-free and biodegradable.

The Soy Light was awarded a prestigious Good Design Award Gold Accolade recognized for its creative design and innovation.

In other words, this nice little piece will fill any space with magic and soft light and act as a positive reminder of how a good and thoughtful design can also improve our world.

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