Godfrey Mighty G: The New Standard in Electric Pontoon Boating

Revolutionizing the boating scene, the Godfrey Mighty G Electric Pontoon Boat emerges as a game-changer. This latest entrant in the Godfrey Pontoon Boats lineup introduces two innovative models – the Mighty G Cruise and Mighty G Fishing. Each model is masterfully built on a solid pontoon base, offering an exceptionally smooth and comfortable boating experience. The standout feature of the Mighty G series is its versatile design, meticulously engineered to accommodate electric and gas propulsion systems with seamless efficiency.

  • The Mighty G Cruise, priced starting at $23,615, offers a perfect blend of efficiency and nimbleness in the pontoon boat market. Measuring a roomy 15 feet and seven inches in length with a seven-foot, six-inch beam, it can comfortably fit up to seven passengers. Ideal for pontooning newcomers, the Mighty G Cruise is a breeze to handle and works great with both electric and gas propulsion.
  • For those who love fishing, the Mighty G Fishing model is a dream come true, with prices beginning at $23,615. It's specifically designed for the ultimate fishing experience, focusing on maximizing both space and comfort. Despite its compact size, there's ample room for casting and storing all your fishing gear, making it a top pick for enthusiasts of electric fishing.

Onboard the Mighty G, every moment is enhanced, whether relaxing on the comfortable bow seats or reeling in a big catch using the convenient aft rod storage in the fishing model. These boats aren't just about getting on the water; they're about creating lasting memories with family and friends, blending functionality with the joy of boating.

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