G-Quest: A Multi-Functional Explorer Yacht for Research and Philanthropic Endeavors

The G-Quest is a 215-meter yacht that blends luxury with philanthropy and research objectives. The upper three decks are designated for the owner and guests, while the remaining 80% of the vessel is for oceanographic research, medical research, green propulsion experimentation, and medical intervention. The G-Quest is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation, detection, and communications equipment and features a range of cutting-edge technologies, including a thorium molten salt reactor and a range of battery technologies. Propelled by azimuth thrusters, the yacht is fueled by hydrogen, methanol, biodiesel, and green fuels of the future. Designed for long-range exploration, the G-Quest can travel over 20,000 nautical miles and is equipped with a range of transportation options, including aircraft hangars, seaplanes, electric VTOL, and fully electric hydrofoil tenders. The yacht also features a full dive center, a complete oceanographic laboratory, and medical facilities.

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