Elevate Your Boating with the Eelex 8000: The Electric Adventure Boat

If you're seeking a truly unparalleled boating adventure, look no further than the Eelex 8000. This cutting-edge electric vessel offers a high-performance alternative to traditional fossil fuel engines, free from the harmful noise and emissions. With a modular design and over 10 customizable layouts, the Eelex 8000 can be tailored to suit any purpose, from fishing to socializing. With a length of 8 meters, this boat provides ample space and is perfect for hosting gatherings with friends and family. The Eelex 8000 prioritizes the captain and helm, with a large touchscreen console that seamlessly combines driving functionality with lifestyle features. The center console is outfitted with a 24-inch screen, making it effortless to navigate, monitor, and steer the boat. Much of the technology is integrated with an app and wristwatch, which also serves as a remote key. With a 170 kW motor and a 126 kWh battery capacity, the Eelex 8000 offers a responsive drivetrain and a hull optimized for low resistance and maximum efficiency. It can reach speeds of 30+ knots and cruise at 20 knots, making it ideal for any activity, whether it's fishing, socializing, or exploring the open waters. Overall, the Eelex 8000 delivers the ultimate boating experience, combining power, style, and silence. So, whether you're embarking on an adventure with friends or spending time with family, the Eelex 8000 is sure to impress.

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