Candela C-7 is one of the top watercraft with the world’s first active hydrofoil system that gives a noiseless, zero-emission driving experience. Their revolutionary hydrofoil system safely lifts the watercraft entirely above the water surface, significantly reducing hydraulic friction and allowing a longer range. This technology makes for soundless drives on the ocean waters with a top speed of 30 knots and range.

C7’s foil system is completely computer-controlled, making for a smooth and quiet ride even in less than ideal conditions. In addition, the C7 sings of efficiency with the energy usage in 20 knots is relative to 0.1 liters of gasoline per nautical mile.

The all-electric craft is environmentally friendly and sustainable, releasing no emissions and causing no disturbance to marine life. Unlike most water vehicles, the C7 has been built exceptionally light and strong. Gathering experience from fighter jet technology and airplane designs, the hull is made of vacuum-infused carbon fiber. This makes the body of the C7 extremely light while being sturdy and rigid.

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