The Calappa (smooth box crab) gets its name from its distinctly bulky shell, which is shaped like a box. The Calappa's claws are usually placed near their face, making them look shy, which is why they are also called shy crabs, mask crabs, and shame-faced crabs.

When danger rears its head, the Calappa is known for sticking close to its partner. The mated pair will cling together as they try to escape rather than scatter and lose each other. Its need to guard and protect its loved ones is one that we can understand, making the crab so much more endearing to us.

At the same time, this adorable creature is the perfect decorative piece to have in your life. COPPERTIST.WU wanted their product to be as helpful as it is beautiful, so they've built this piece with storage in mind. Keep your change or special items safe within its rounded brass body.

The entire back, pincers, and legs of this piece are well-defined but soft to the touch and not prickly, making them feel great in hand. The front of the crab shell has a built-in magnet that can be used to help keep your items safely tucked inside. But without a doubt, the highlight of the entire work is the depiction of Calappa's eyes. The size, detail, and prominent angle of the eyes are just right, making the whole piece come to life. This is the perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself!

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