This magnificent design, handcrafted by skilled Coachbuild artisans, is a tribute to the owner's father, whose origins in the pearling industry blossomed into a family enterprise. It's one-of-a-kind, even more so than a real pearl. Four pearl shells were offered by the owner, which he painstakingly picked from his own collection. The outer body color, one of the most intricate finishes Rolls-Royce has ever achieved, was inspired by their iridescent properties. Designers captured the shells' diverse tones by mixing gentle rose and oyster hues with white and bronze mica flakes in a meticulous refinement process. The Royal Walnut veneer on the back deck was chosen for its outstanding maturing abilities. It will eventually convert to the tonal qualities of cognac, further complementing the vehicle. From top to bottom, this model looks like a treasure pulled from the depths of the ocean.

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