Are you looking for some real serious (both luxury and intensity) adventure this winter? Ultimate Antarctica, by Cookson Adventures and White Desert, is a 24-day luxury expedition that visits some of the last outposts of that icy wonderland—by land and sea. It starts with boarding on a private Gulfstream 550 that will bring you from Cape Town to a luxury base camp with a handful of activities for any taste and stamina: snowmobile rides, rope walks to the glacier, walks in the ice tunnels, ice wall climbing, and more with interruption to indulge yourself with some food creations by a private chef. Take 2 hours flight in a Basler BT-67 to visit a vast Emperor-penguin colony and the Geographic South Pole. Make a stop in Patagonia and then explore an Antarctica's coast on board of 254-foot luxury explorer yacht M/Y Legend. Keep the ball of adventure rolling by kayaking alongside seals and whales, dive into the deep in private 3-seater mini-submarine, and stop by at a few research outposts.

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