TUDOR's Pelagos FXD: Combining Tradition and Innovation in Diving Watches

This watch carries a long heritage, recognizing TUDOR's historic ties to the US Navy divers. Crafted with titanium, an advanced Manufacture Calibre, and a precisely calibrated rotating bezel, the Pelagos FXD respects the past while embracing innovation. Its bold essence is seen in two fresh models, inspired by the adrenaline of yacht racing, displaying a blend of carbon composite, titanium, and stainless steel cases, each with unique manufacture calibres. Born from an intimate collaboration with a specialized faction of the French Navy, the Pelagos FXD is meticulously crafted for navigating the depths with precision. Its FXD designation, emblematic of its sturdy fixed strap bars, stands for more than strength; it heralds a new phase of accurate timekeeping and partnership.

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