Sea lovers can now buy a 394-footer and customize it to their desire thanks to Boathouse Auctions and Concierge Auctions, as well as Eric Althaus of Althaus Luxury Yachting and Guy Marchal of Symphony Marine. The project will take significantly less time to complete because the fundamental components of the boat are nearly built. That means the luxurious interior, outside decks, and amenities will be tailored to your preferences. The present designs call for a huge owner's suite, two VIP cabins, and 15 massive staterooms to accommodate 36 guests. There's also room for up to 50 crew members. In addition, project Y910 can be outfitted with two pools, two helipads, a helicopter hangar, and at least six garages, in addition to expansive indoor/outdoor living areas. The explorer's maximum is 9 knots with the electric motor and 16 knots with the diesel engines. Fine-tuning this nautical behemoth will cost at least €25 million.

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