The Warship: Tour of Duty takes you on a thrilling journey on board HMS Queen Elizabeth's maiden voyage

BBC's new landmark series "The Warship: Tour Of Duty" is an intimate and raw portrayal of life on board the HMS Queen Elizabeth, a giant aircraft carrier, during its maiden voyage to the South China Sea. Award-winning filmmaker Chris Terrill captures the crew's journey of a grueling seven-month voyage to the other side of an increasingly troubled world, where they must learn to live, play, and fight together. The series features dramatic encounters with hostile navies, a royal visit from the late Queen Elizabeth II, and access to all areas of the ship. The crew of 1,600, many going to sea for the first time, faces various challenges, including a serious Covid outbreak onboard, while also experiencing the fun and friendship of living in a high-pressure, high-risk environment. Whether you're interested in the military, history or just enjoy compelling stories, this program is a must-see. Catch it on the BBC website and join the crew on their unforgettable journey.

The video: Navy Lookout YouTube Channel

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