Navigating New Waters: The Thrilling Vanquish VQ55 Sports Yacht

Command the waves with unparalleled speed and luxury aboard the Vanquish VQ55 Sports Line, a yacht that's as swift as it is stylish. This center console marvel, with a sleek stepped hull, is unmatched in its class, offering top speeds of up to 70 knots with quint Mercury 600 hp engines or a formidable 50 knots with twin Nanni N16 1200 hp inboards. At 17.25 meters long with a 4.9-meter beam, it comfortably seats 18, making it perfect for both thrilling rides and leisurely cruises. The VQ55 isn’t just about speed; it’s about experiencing the sea in utmost comfort and style. Below deck, two spacious cabins await, alongside a smartly designed on-deck galley complete with all essentials for a luxurious maritime adventure. This yacht isn't just a vessel; it's a statement of speed, elegance, and advanced engineering, crafted for those who seek the thrill of the ocean without compromising on comfort and class.

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