The New 9,090-Piece ‘Titanic’ Is One of the Biggest Lego Models Ever

Bring the behemoth queen of the sea to life with LEGO’s most impressive set yet! With 9,090 LEGO pieces, the LEGO Titanic, designed by Mike Psiaki, is one of the longest and largest LEGO models ever created, providing a fully immersive construction experience for both LEGO fans and aspiring historians. The Titanic was famed for its unrivalled grandeur, which has been properly represented in the set. There are various internal chambers to explore beneath the unmistakable façade of the LEGO Titanic. This massive LEGO ship includes the First-Class grand staircase, which spans six decks, and the Jacobean-style dining room. The Titanic was also known for its unrivalled speed, outpacing other ships of the time, and enthusiasts will find a reproduction of the engine room on the lower decks. The LEGO Titanic set, which is over four feet long and includes a distinctive plaque with the ship's name, is ideal for exhibition.

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