Amid high demand, the Isle of Harris Distillery brought back the Harris Ceilidh Bottle once again, only for it to become a frequently sold out item once again. At this time, only 100 of these limited hand-crafted bottles are being released once per week, and since they aren’t released at a particular day or time, those wishing to get their hands on their own must check back frequently to purchase one. Ceramic expert Rupert Blamire has overseen the creation of this made-by-hand 350ml bottle that conveys a stunning visual and pouring experience. Each one is glazed in the beautiful colours of our island's sea and sky, with wonderfully tactile patterning. Not only is it an unsurpassed keepsake, but it also makes a perfect gift and comes in its own special box with a serve recipe, guide for creating your own ceilidh, and three postcards from Harris to invite others to reconnect and enjoy a drink with you.

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