The Codecasa Jet 2020

Could you imagine a sky meets the sea in yacht design? If not, then you can simply take a look at Codecasa Yachts', the Viareggio-based shipyard, new project called JET 2020. Innovative and unexpected, the new design brings the future closer to us. It totally resembles the aircraft cockpit or perhaps even a spacecraft. The design brings a lot of practicality though by creating a large internal volume. The shipyard's owner, Fulvio Codecasa, describes the interior as simply unique and "huge". Aft beach club at the sea level, the elevator that will bring you to the sky lounge, helipad, 20-foot recessed swimming pool, covered gym and a lot more can be explored on this boat. An AWACS aircraft-style radar antennas installed inside a carbon-fiber dome. Aside of the owner's suite which takes a bow area on the main deck, there are four spacious guest cabins located on the lower deck. The construction of this aviation-inspired 230-foot superyacht which will become a company's new flagship is due to start later this year.

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