T. Fotiadis specializes in translating dreams into reality. Their team of designers knows no bounds, they push the status quo and execute seamless designs. The Ultra2 Superyacht lives up to the firm’s unparalleled reputation. A six-story yacht lead by a helipad atop the bow could only be brought to life by true visionaries. The yacht’s bold lines, and cohesive navy and white color pallet are punctuated throughout the design. The marble floors, upscale furnishings, and pristine amenities redefine luxury. The most impressive aspect of the concept render is the spiral staircase. Elegant yet dramatic curves lead the imagination from the main cabin up the stairs and into the control room. A trip down the stairs wouldn’t be anything short of magic, rivaling any entrance on Earth. The innovative designs of T. Fotiadis displayed on the Ultra2 Superyacht truly push the limitations of the mind’s understanding of extravagance.

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