Sturgeon caviar is regarded as some of the most sought-after and refined-tasting fish roe in the world. Sturgeon are some of the tastiest and high-quality fish found within the ocean, so it is no surprise that their eggs are just as coveted. Compared to other fish, sturgeon contains high quantities of top-quality essential amino acids. Additionally, this fish has a white meat that is light but flavorful and relatively easy to eat. If you find yourself at a fine restaurant, ready to order yourself some sturgeon caviar, then you may be a bit taken back by the price. However, due to an intricate farming process and commitment to excellence, most of the caviar sourced from this fish is some of the highest quality caviar in the world. Lemberg offers a sturgeon caviar set so enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite roe. This promo set comes with two 250-gram tins of Sturgeon Caviar Amur Royal and one of each of Russian Osietra Caviar and Siberian Sturgeon Caviar (50 grams each). Complete with four tins of caviar, this set is perfect for those who want to taste the sea themselves and share with friends!

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