RP42 by Reichel Pugh Yacht Design

Most globetrotting superyacht designers might set out to create a sporty version with a venturing bachelor in mind, but the creators of the RP42 from Reichel Pugh Yacht Unlimited wanted to create something cool and streamlined but also refined enough for families. Their design, a 138-foot stunner with ample living space, is created for long-term sailing. If a family wants to get away from it all for a while, this is the yacht they want to be on. It’s comfortable, it’s cool, and it’s got everything families need. There’s plenty of space for spending time together, and the cabins and quarters feature beautiful layouts and amenities for downtime. With features such as a family salon and dining table, the RP42 encourages family togetherness at every turn. A generous inside-outside cockpit on the upper deck leads to added interior space versus other similar yachts. The RP42 is a formidable sports-styled yacht with all the amenities a family could want.

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