Lazzarini Design has a history of coming up with outlandish boat concepts. The Italian company debuted a crazy flying superyacht design last year, followed by a visually stunning 226-foot prototype with a large hole in the middle. The Royal Alpha One is a 60-foot-long family-friendly design that incorporates a rooftop deck with a glass-bottomed jacuzzi. It has a distinctive green, black, and silver exterior constructed of glass and carbon fiber, and a luxurious inside with leather furnishings and light-washed woods. Onboard, there are three ensuite cabins and a luxurious dining room. According to HiConsumption, the Royal Alpha One was created with Volvo's IPS 950 propulsion technology in mind. The warship could reach a top speed of 40 knots in that configuration. There's also the option of upgrading to a hydrogen propulsion system, which produces no CO2.

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