Rock Bar in Bali, Indonesia, is widely regarded as one of the world's most popular sunset, cocktail, and entertainment locations, perched atop spectacular rock formations along with Jimbaran's stunning sunset on the shoreline of the ocean. Guests must take a cable car down a rock face to access the Ayana Resort's Rock Bar. There, they can sip cocktails while watching the sunset from the bar, which is positioned 46 feet above the Indian Ocean, or dance to the music emanating from the stone-carved DJ booth. It's time to cross something off your bucket list if you haven't seen a Bali sunset at Rock Bar. The dramatic trip to the top clearly justifies the excursion. Aside from sipping on delicious cocktails and spirits, guests can enjoy coastal, gourmet Mediterranean fare like grilled octopus, spicy calamari, flavorful kebabs, and other seafood dishes – not a bad way to spend a vacation!

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